New Postdoc

We are looking for a new postdoc

Ninomiya-Tsuji Lab at North Carolina State University is looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow in the research field of the signal transduction and molecular biology.  Our Lab is interested in the host defense cell signaling pathways.  Current research focus is elucidation of the molecular mechanism by which host cells switch signaling pathways between inflammation and cell death. Specifically, we are investigating our long-time molecule of interest, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 7 (MAP3K7), known as TAK1 (recent publications, see below). 

PI is a study section member of NIH and has extensive experiences in supporting career development.  As the lab is small, the successful candidate will play a major role in the NIH funded project, and will receive in-person trainings toward an independent researcher.  

Recent Publications:

1. Lopez-Perez, W., Sai, K., Sakamachi, Y., Parsons, C., Kathariou, S., and Ninomiya-Tsuji, J. (2021). TAK1 inhibition elicits mitochondrial ROS to block intracellular bacterial colonization. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118.

2. Sai, K., Parsons, C., House, J.S., Kathariou, S., and Ninomiya-Tsuji, J. (2019). Necroptosis mediators RIPK3 and MLKL suppress intracellular Listeria replication independently of host cell killing. J Cell Biol 218, 1994-2005.


1) PhD in molecular biology, cell biology or other relevant fields.  

2) One or more leading author papers in peer-reviewed journals

Please contact Ninomiya-Tsuji ( with CV, and the information of three people who would provide reference letters.